Self-Service Solutions for Logistics, Retail, and HoReCa Since 2012

Empowering innovative solutions: from idea to launch and beyond

Omnic is an international R&D company specializing in the development of innovative self-service solutions for Logistics, Retail, E-commerce, FMCG, and HoReCa.

Since 2012, the Omnic team has developed 20+ self-service solutions for automation and installed over 22 500 parcel lockers worldwide.

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Our in-house team crafts the entire hardware, software, and infrastructure for all products with engineering philosophy in mind.


Hardware and Software SLA

0.02 msec

Required to open the cell

30 hours

For the software integration

10 years

Depreciation period

Team of professionals

We are innovators and leading experts in R&D, consulting, and product development. Our high-class specialists rely heavily on a scientific approach to create solutions that take the market of self-service automation to the new level.
The Omnic team is capable of launching innovative solutions of any complexity and implement them at the speed of light. We are inspired by the idea to create products that allow people spend more time on things that really matter.
A team spirit is the valuable asset and the core foundation of Omnic. Our team has experience in product development and self-service automation industry for more than 12 years.
Offices in:
Saudi Arabia

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87 000+

Hours devoted to products development

22 500+

Parcel locker modules we’ve installed


Patents in Europe and USA

Production facilities

Omnic has a huge intellectual and production potential. The production facilities of the company are located in Georgia and in Italy, 15 km from Milan, covering a total area of 20 000 m2. A full-cycle production, including metal processing and assembling, provides a manufacturing capacity of over 15 000 modules annually.
Omnic Factory in Georgia switched 100% of its electricity consumption on a renewable energy source.
All Omnic products comply with European quality and safety standards as well as national standards.
Located in:

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Production capacity of modules annually


Electricity from renewable energy sources

20,000 m2

Total area of production facilities


User-centric approach

A user-centric philosophy in software design and development drives us. Our approach places the user experience at the forefront. All existing roles are covered: customers, couriers, operators, support and maintenance managers, and business owners.


Tested in real life

OMNIC has experience working with a fleet of more than 25 000 devices. Thus, our software solutions withstand real-world testing with millions of actual users. We've refined and optimized our solutions, ensuring seamless performance and trustworthiness.


Advanced technologies inside

Our in-house R&D develops robust solutions for different sectors, covering all processes required to make businesses more efficient and user-centric. We constantly upgrade our software solutions, using progressive technologies, AI and computer vision in particular, to make them more advanced and secure.

Developing innovative self-service solutions

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