OMNI Drop Off

Self-service terminal, which is typically installed in post offices. The client can send parcels on their own without queues and without asking an operator for help.

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Logistics Companies

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Boost the speed and quality of service at your post office with OMNI Drop Off

OMNI Drop Off self-service terminals allow customers to effortlessly pack, weight, and ship parcels within minutes, all without the need for assistance from an operator.

It ensures a safe, fast, and convenient experience by minimizing social contacts, eliminating queues, and providing reliable service without any downtime. Say goodbye to the hassles and embrace a frictionless shipping process with OMNI Drop Off.

50x50x40 cm

max size of a parcel

30 kg

max weight of a parcel


useful cells

What is OMNI Drop Off
for the client

With OMNI Drop Off, clients have full control over the shipping process, eliminating the need to wait in queues or rely on an operator.


Sending without waiting

Say goodbye to wasting time in queues. With OMNI Drop Off, you can send your parcel without any waiting, ensuring a quick and efficient transaction.


Cost calculation

Calculate the cost of your shipment right at the kiosk. OMNI Drop Off provides you with the tools to determine the shipping expenses upfront, helping you make informed decisions.


All-in-one packaging station

OMNI Drop Off has built-in boxes and packaging materials. You no longer need to worry about finding suitable packaging – it's all conveniently available for you.


Dimension and weight measurement

Automatically measure the dimensions and weight of your parcel. This ensures accurate information for cost calculation and selecting the appropriate shipping options.


Print tracking

Instantly  generate and print the tracking number for your parcel and keep track of your shipment's progress and provide the tracking details to the recipient.

What is OMNI Drop Off
for the operator

OMNI Drop Off offers valuable features for postal operators, enhancing their operational efficiency and customer service.



Optimize processes

OMNI Drop Off simplifies the measurement of weight and dimensions, allowing postal operators to accurately process packages quickly and efficiently.



Better labeling accuracy

By eliminating labeling issues, such as incorrect or missing labels, OMNI Drop Off ensures accurate tracking and sorting of parcels, reducing errors in the delivery process.


Data management

OMNI Drop Off enables postal operators to record and store received data securely, facilitating better inventory management and tracking of parcels within their operations.


Seamless data integration

Postal operators can easily receive the measured data from OMNI Drop Off via API, enabling seamless integration with their existing systems and workflows.


Performance insights

OMNI Drop Off's reporting capabilities provide postal operators with valuable performance insights, helping them optimize their operations, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.

Explore OMNI Drop Off lineup

OMNI Drop Off Base

Self-service terminal, which enables clients to prepare, measure and send parcels on their own without waiting in line and asking an operator for help.

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OMNI Drop Off Plus

OMNI Drop Off Plus has all the base version with additional functionality of a parcel locker with 5 cells. It's a perfect solution for a comprehensive post office automation.

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A complex for automating the measurement of parcel volume and weight, which is used to transmit the measured parameters to the receiving station.

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