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omnic History

Pioneering innovations in self-service since 2012

Explore Omnic journey from a closed R&D lab to the international expansion

2012 - 2013

After visiting the e-commerce exhibition in Dubai in 2013, the founders of OMNIC encountered an automated locker at Atlantis Park. This experience pushed them towards the idea of developing a solution for cross-industry e-commerce and logistics.

A deep knowledge of the most common problems and pain points consumers face within these industries allowed the co-founders to devise the first parcel locker. Drawing upon best practices inspired by the Lamborghini Aventador, the team created a technologically advanced product with high-quality product design.

2014 – 2016

Due to the high level of professionals with technical knowledge in the CEE countries, it allowed OMNIC's engineers to develop advanced technologies through a full development cycle: from production to software development and then their active use.

The first client to utilize the company's technologies and implement a parcel lockers network was BNP Paribas Group back in 2015. But it was just the beginning.


In 2017, Omnic’s CPO introduced the first open parcel locker for the university in the United States: UC Berkeley. Even though parcel lockers were the main priority, the product line significantly expanded: vending machines, self-checkout kiosks, street food pick-up points, robots for 3PL delivery companies, and more than 15 other solutions. For the UC Berkeley project, the company united the experience of developing different products into one solution: OmniHub — all-in-one self-service station that includes parcel locker, coffee station, compartment for dry cleaning, and vending.

Even though Omnic was using its engineering laboratory for addressing its internal purposes like product iteration and testing, the company has successfully launched more than 20,000 units across the world.


The company introduced a new business model — Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). This business model appeared to be extremely popular with biggest industry players like IKEA, Rozetka, and others. The IaaS model enabled Omnic to reach an effective ROI period for its parcel lockers — 32 months.

Fun fact: in 2019, the company built the largest parcel locker in the world consisting of 1,182 compartments. If to turn this parcel locker on its side, it will be as high as the Eiffel Tower. It’s not a surprise that the company was awarded with the Guinness world record and got Officially Amazing status.


The company scaled its own manufacturing facility and launched 6,000 parcel lockers for the open network integrated with 30,000 Internet shops and e-commerce platforms. Omnic also was recognized and offered a partnership with Intel. In 2022, the company entirely exited from CIS market.

In partnership with GIG Group, Omnic opened a sustainable manufacturing facility in Georgia that uses renewable energy to cover 100% of its power consumption and works according to the 5S lean standard. In such a way, Omnic ensures that it contributes to sustainable development not only with parcel lockers but also with the way they’re produced.


In 2023, Omnic started its expansion on the markets of the European Union, MENA, and Asia. The company opened its offices in Latvia, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Georgia, and the United States. Also, Omnic launched its open parcel lockers networks in Asia and MENA region.

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