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OMNI Post Ultra Outdoor

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Smart, Efficient, and Cost-effective

OMNI Post Ultra Outdoor is a parcel locker made for outdoors, allowing companies to establish customer-friendly self-service zones 24/7 and at any outdoor location. This parcel locker is easy to install and it comes equipped with ready-to-go software. Thanks to the modular and compact column design, our outdoor parcel locker maximizes capacity per square meter, making it incredibly efficient.


The cost of processing one order through the parcel locker is 14 times cheaper than at the pickup point


Consumers, who use parcel lockers as a click&collect points at retail stores, are 2.5 times more likely to visit stores than those who don’t use


When a parcel locker is available nearby, there is a up 34% chances increase that consumers will buy more products online

Technical information

Locker Dimensions (2 modules)


2267 mm


1440 mm


450  mm

Weight (2 modules)


134 kg


127 kg


261 kg



1 managing module


1 managing + 19 additional modules

Power supply options

220V / Solar Power

Communication options

3G/LTE / Ethernet / BLE




useful cells

0,67 m2

required area


customization options

Cells system

Managing module

Dimensions (HWD)

Technical cell

(1 pcs.)

110 x 215 x 420 mm

(4 pcs.)

160 x 215 x 420 mm

(3 pcs.)

110  x 396 x 420 mm

(4 pcs.)

160  x 396 x 420 mm

(3 pcs.)

210  x 396 x 420 mm

(1 pcs.)

210  x 660 x 420 mm

(1 pcs.)

364  x 660 x 420 mm

(1 pcs.)

Total of useful cells

17 pcs.

Additional module

Dimensions (HWD)

110 x 215 x 420 mm

(4 pcs.)

160 x 215 x 420 mm

(3 pcs.)

210 x 215 x 420 mm

(1 pcs.)

110  x 396 x 420 mm

(4 pcs.)

160  x 396 x 420 mm

(3 pcs.)

210  x 396 x 420 mm

(1 pcs.)

210  x 660 x 420 mm

(1 pcs.)

364  x 660 x 420 mm

(1 pcs.)

Total of useful cells

18 pcs.

Modular cells layout

Optimize cell sizes and layout to your specific business needs with our modular cells system.

Additional extensions

User Monitor

We offer a range of displays for a rich and customizable user experience for parcel locker interactions. Choose from energy-efficient 2.4-inch screens to luxurious 21-inch touchscreens, crafting a tailored experience for every user.

Face Camera

Face cameras powered with computer vision help to enhance security by capturing the image of individuals accessing the parcel locker as well as get insights about customer behaviour, usage patterns, and demographics.

ADs Screen

Use parcel lockers as a platform to showcase ads or cross-promotional content. They  effectively reach a targeted audience and promote relatable products or services.

CCTV camera

Ensure security of your parcel lockers with a surveillance camera that monitors the device location 24/7, thereby reducing risk of parcel thefts and vandalism.

LED Logo

A LED logo on a parcel locker helps to increase brand visibility and recognition. It becomes easier for customers to identify and locate your parcel locker.

Barcode Scanner

Enable your couriers to fill a locker's cells with parcels without much effort and confusing shipping information.

Off-grid Kit

By adding equipment for off-grid operation, companies can extend the reach of parcel lockers to remote locations, reduce costs, enhance reliability, and align with sustainable practices.

POS Terminal

Upgrade your parcel locker with a POS terminal. The terminal enables secure and convenient transactions, facilitating a seamless payment experience for services directly at the parcel locker.

Powerful Chip

The chip significantly increases performance and energy efficiency, providing surge protection and standalone power supply. It enables seamless integration of up to 20 modules within a single parcel locker.

Label Printer

Enhance your parcel delivery process with our integrated label printer. The printer ensures accurate and quick label generation, streamlining the package labeling process for a smoother, error-free operation.

Quality and Precision

Flawless clearances, in-house production, and rigorous quality control at every step

As a pioneering R&D company, we take pride in achieving the highest standard of assembly quality, ensuring our products boast an impeccable precision in assembling process and a remarkable 10-year depreciation period.

Proudly launching a carbon-neutral Omnic Factory and an extensive Manufacturing Partner Network specializing in metal processing, we can effectively boost production capacity without compromising quality.

Flawless clearances
Own production facility in Georgia
Omnic Lockers Has 10-year Depreciation Period
The other locker
The other locker
Omnic parcel locker
The other locker
The other locker

Our strategic approach not only guarantees longevity and quality of performance but also enables us to keep the manufacturer's pricing advantage to our esteemed clients, making innovation accessible without compromises.

The Product Design Honed Over The Years

OMNI Post Ultra, upgraded and modified for over 10 years by our engineering team and tested in real life

Omnic has been running its own R&D laboratory since 2014, where our engineers and product designers iterate our innovative solutions. In such a way, every next iteration builds upon experience we have gained. Our teams use this knowledge to raise the bar of product quality and excellence higher than it was before.

The core principle of our R&D process is a continuous pursuit of perfection. We keep iterating every product till it becomes ideal in every aspect. Following this approach, we have the 24th version of OMNI Post Ultra, in which every feature has undergone hundreds of tests and trials to reach its perfect and well-thought form.

R&D team
OMNI Post Ultra design is polished with every version

Efficiency of Four 
Full-Time Employees

Unleash the power of self-service and automation to always meet the demand

Thanks to a smart, well-researched design and wide functionality, even the base version of OMNI Post Ultra is capable of replacing the labor of four full-time employees.

A parcel locker is an ultimate self-service solution that works 24/7 and at its full potential. Unlike humans, a parcel locker is always in a good mood and never makes mistakes. It is an effective substitution for human labor that is extremely scarce across different industries.

Cost savings up to 900% with parcel lockers

OMNI Post Ultra in comparison with courier delivery and pickup points


Costs per one parcel delivery

Revenue per one parcel delivery


The Smartest Part of our Products

Our IT team developed software to make parcel lockers truly smart to bring an exceptional customer experience and automate your business processes.

Omnic Custom software allows to control all the processes behind parcel delivery and beyond. Parcel tracking, cells availability, demand prediction, and many other features.

Core Strengths

OMNI Post Ultra
Resilience and Durability

Real outdoor that is built to last

Omnic Outdoor Parcel lockers are water and dust resistant according to IP54 standard.  We built our solutions according to highest standards of assembly quality and materials.

Depreciation Period

10 years

Dust and water protected


Extreme weather conditions

-25°C to +45°C

Powered by Own Chip

Omnic QPro is innovated by Omnic R&D team in a close cooperation with Intel

The chip significantly increases performance and energy efficiency, providing surge protection and standalone power supply. It enables seamless integration of up to 20 modules within a single parcel locker.

Modular Сonfiguration

You can add up to 19 additional modules to the management module

You can provide your customers with additional services by integrating additional self-service solutions into your parcel lockers: coffee point, dry cleaning, vending cell with cooling, cells for food delivery, and many more.

Off-grid Solution

Experience autonomy and reliability even in remote or off-grid locations

OMNI Post Ultra can be upgraded into self-sustaining units with a plug & play solution. With the integration of solar panels and advanced batteries, OMNI Post Ultra provide unparalleled autonomy and reliability for seamless operations, even in remote or off-grid locations.

Autonomous work

Up to 10 years


One parcel locker saves up to 13,845 kg of carbon dioxide emissions, equal to the air-purifying impact of 2,769 trees

With delivery to parcel lockers, couriers don’t have to drive to every door to leave a parcel, as consumers will get their packages at a nearest parcel locker located in a walkable distance.


Automate your business processes and bring an exceptional customer experience to your clients

Custom software to control all the processes behind parcel delivery and beyond. Parcel tracking, cells availability, demand prediction, and other features are rolled into one plug-n-play operating system preinstalled in every parcel locker.


What is smart parcel locker?

A smart parcel locker from OMNIC represents an innovative storage system, equipped with integrated intelligent technology. This advanced feature streamlines the process of package handling, encompassing automated last mile delivery, alerting, and sorting functionalities.

In which business sectors are parcel lockers used?

Parcel lockers have become a ubiquitous feature in various business settings, including multifamily apartments, universities, retail stores, coworking spaces, corporate offices. Additionally, Omnic parcel lockers are equipped with extra features that allow for maintaining either low or high temperatures in the storage compartment, which is beneficial for the HoReCa sector, pizzerias, and restaurants. These smart package lockers provide a secure haven for parcels, ensuring that recipients can store their items safely without the concern of theft or mishandling.

How does parcel lockers works?

The postal service, a courier delivers a package to a parcel locker, scanning the barcode of the package and selecting the recipient.The recipient receives a notification on their phone in any of the available ways (SMS or an app notification).The recipient, at their convenience, uses the control panel on the parcel locker or the app on their phone to activate their locker and retrieve the package.

How much do OMNICS Parcel lockers and self-service solutions cost?

The cost of each of our solutions is individual, depends on a multitude of factors and your needs. Please fill out an application on our website or contact our managers to receive a commercial offer.

How long is the installation process?

We have prepared an implementation algorithm for our solutions, which allows the integration of a chain of smart parcel lockers and our other products into your business within 3 months! You can learn more on our website, or by contacting our manager.

In which countries is Omnic's product available?

Our self-service solutions and smart parcel lockers are available to the entire world, no matter whether you are from the USA or Asia, from the UAE or Europe, we are always happy to work with you!

Developing innovative self-service solutions

If you have any queries or require further details, simply fill out the contact form and our specialist will get back to you.

Julia Lockman

Chief Business Developer Officer


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