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OMNI Self Checkout

Smart self-checkout kiosk increases your store capacity up to 400% and cut up to 40% of labor cost.

Perfect for:


Grocery stores

Gas stations


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Enhance efficiency and convenience for you and your customers

Omnic Self-checkout provides customers with convenient and efficient shopping, that will save your store space and reduce labor cost up to 40%.

Instead of one traditional cash register you can place 3-4 self-checkout kiosks. In fact, 85% of consumers believe that self-checkout kiosks are faster.


check-out zone capacity growth


labor cost savings


increase of cash-out area throughput

Undeniable benefits of self-checkout


Revenue growth

With more check-out points, your store will be able to earn more revenue during the same amount of time


No dependence on stuff shortage

An average cashier turnover rate is 60%.  With self-checkout kiosks, there is no need to worry about stuff hiring and training.


Savings on payroll and overhead expenses

You invest in self-checkout kiosks for once and then they work for your shop 24/7


Avoiding human error

Self-checkout kiosks cannot get stressed, exhausted, and frustrated. This means they are much less prone to errors.

Wide range of available options and extensions

Amplify your store check-out capabilities with OMNI Checkout

Our self-checkout kiosks have an intuitive user interface and low cost of ownership. With their user-friendly design, customers can easily navigate through the checkout process without any assistance.

Additionally, our kiosks are highly durable and require minimal maintenance, reducing the overall cost of ownership.

Developing innovative self-service solutions

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Julia Lockman

Chief Business Developer Officer


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