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audit service

Making Sure Your Parcel Locker System Works and Earns At 100% Capacity

Get help and guidance on how to make your parcel locker network meet your expectations and earn at 100% capacity

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Omnic offers a comprehensive audit of your parcel locker system by our expert team to reveal what imperfections and bottlenecked processes prevent your network from working to its full capacity. We will review your entire parcel locker system, including its software, hardware, processes, and procedures. Once the analysis is finished, we will provide you with a detailed report and an action plan.

This service is for you if

You are a logistic company
or e-commerce marketplace
struggling to get the maximum out of your parcel lockers
You are a national postal service that wants to optimize performance of your parcel locker system
You are a retailer with a custom parcel locker network that does not work as it was intended to

Benefits of auditing your parcel locker system

By undergoing a thorough audit of your parcel locker system by our experts, you are guaranteed to get:

Analysis of your parcel locker system, including software, hardware, processes, and operations
Identification of performance bottlenecks and areas of improvement
Provision and detailed description of actionable recommendations
Roadmap of improvements implementation for next 3 years

What Omnic will do for you

· Parcel lockers locations audit

· Business processes audit

Hardware audit

· Analysis of the workload of parcel lockers in different geographical areas at different days and hours

· Evaluation of the advertising campaigns effectiveness that were launched to attract customers to the parcel locker network

· Usage statistics analysis of different payment methods and ways of delivery to parcel lockers

· Customer feedback research and satisfaction assessment with their experience of using your parcel locker network

· Technical problems analysis and identification of the possible ways to improve the network reliability

· Analysis of competitors and their strategies in the market of last-mile delivery, their strengths and weaknesses identification

· Assessment of the network’s compliance with legal requirements and safety regulations

· Development of recommendations to improve the parcel lockers network based on the results of the audit

· A list of activities to improve each aspect

Why Omnic is your perfect partner

By cooperating with us, we guarantee the following advantages for your business:

No strangers to accepting and dealing with challenges
At Omnic, we've mastered the art of tackling the challenges that come with modern logistics and automation processes. Whatever problem you face, we’ll always be looking for the most effective solution.
Responsible for every step we take with our customers
With Omnic, you can rest easy knowing that you can swiftly manage and implement an innovative last-mile delivery service without having much trouble. This opens up exciting avenues for exploring market opportunities and expanding your business to new heights.
A team of very experienced professionals
Drawing from a wealth of experience spanning a whole decade in manufacturing and managing smart parcel lockers, we possess unmatched knowledge and insights about the industry. Our expertise is devoted to developing automated logistics solutions specifically connected to the unique needs of delivery companies and marketplaces.
Get an expert opinion to improve your parcel lockers system
Contact Omnic today and let our experts audit your current system, providing valuable insights and tailored solutions to take your parcel lockers service to the next level. Don't miss out on this opportunity to advance your logistics — reach out now to unleash the full potential of your parcel lockers business with our Audit service.

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What are parcel lockers?
Parcel lockers, also known as package lockers or parcel delivery lockers, are a convenient and secure method of receiving and retrieving packages. They are typically found in residential buildings, office complexes, retail stores, or public areas and are designed to streamline the delivery and pickup process for various parcels and packages.
How do parcel lockers work?
Parcel lockers work by enabling delivery personnel to place packages inside individual compartments within a secure locker system. Recipients receive a unique access code or barcode, allowing them to retrieve their packages at their convenience by entering the code or scanning the barcode at the locker's interface, which automatically unlocks the corresponding compartment containing their package.
Where parcel lockers are located?
Parcel lockers are typically located in various places, including residential buildings, apartment complexes, office buildings, university campuses, retail stores, shopping malls, transportation hubs (such as train stations or airports), and public areas. Their locations are strategically chosen to provide easy access for recipients and to streamline the delivery process for carriers and delivery services.
What shipping companies have parcel locker systems?
Shipping companies with parcel locker systems include Amazon (Amazon Locker), UPS (UPS Access Point), and FedEx (FedEx Onsite). These companies offer secure locker locations for customers to conveniently pick up and drop off their packages.
How big are parcel lockers?
Parcel lockers come in various sizes, depending on the specific model and the intended use. The size of parcel lockers can vary from small lockers suitable for small packages and envelopes to larger lockers capable of accommodating larger parcels and even multiple packages for the same recipient.
How much does Pilot service cost?
It will cost you $17,230 plus $15 of monthly payment per a parcel locker. However, this price is available only for 9 first customers who decided to launch a parcel locker network with our Omnic service.
How long does it take to launch the project?
It will take around 3 months to start a project from scratch, but if you have some specific requirements, this timeline may change.

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