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Pilot service

Piloting An Automated Parcel Locker Network Hassle-Free In 3 Months

Save time and money on launching your parcel locker network by becoming one of 9 companies that accepted our one-time offer

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Omnic recognizes the significance of each stage in modern logistics, so we've created Pilot, a service designed to help companies master last mile delivery without unnecessary risks. Implementing our Automated package lockers will take your business to new heights, expanding coverage, reducing personnel and delivery costs, optimizing expenses, and decreasing last-mile delivery time.

Automated package lockers are definitely great, but why do we see only a few successful parcel locker networks?

The matter is that a parcel locker is not just a metal box storing packages, it is a service

How we can help?

The majority of companies know how to produce the hardware and develop software applications, but it’s just 20% of success. The valuable 80% is knowing how to manage Automated delivery locker systems and get consumers into a habit of using them.

Omnic owns 100% of the process, so we offer a service of piloting a smart parcel locker network to educate businesses and provide them with trouble-free start of a journey towards automated last-mile delivery industry.

This service is for you if

You are a logistic company or e-commerce marketplace looking for automating your last-mile delivery
You want to cut costs on launching your parcel locker network
You intend to expand a geographic coverage of your company
You lack expertise in a domain relatable to parcel lockers production, maintenance, integration, and management
You just want to try how a parcel locker network works but don’t know how to handle multiple risks

Benefits of implementing automated parcel lockers with the Pilot service

Starting safely
You don’t have to spend much money and time to try our parcel locker network. You’ll get starting from 24 OmniPost Ultra Indoor automated delivery locker systems for a period of 3 months to see how they work and earn profits. In the worst case scenario, you’ll tell us that you don’t want to proceed with the project, and we’ll take the parcel lockers back without charging you for any extra expenses.
Cutting down operational costs
You’ll save up to 92% of your operational costs in comparison with starting a smart locker network on your own.
Making your last-mile delivery sustainable
By switching your last-mile delivery on a network of smart parcel lockers, you significantly reduce a carbon footprint your business leaves. In fact, one parcel locker reduces nearly 13,845kg of carbon dioxide emissions per year, which is equal to the purification of the atmosphere by 2,769 trees.
Advancing customer experience
Parcel lockers by Omnic offer 99.2% of service-level agreement (SLA). On top of that, a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of your business will rise up to 88%, even though your parcel lockers can be loaded at just 15% out of the entire capacity.

Pilot roadmap

Integration with payment systems
Integration testing
Localisation to preferred language
UI customisation according to a client's brandbook
Signing the agreements
Confirming branding and the design
Confirming the locations for the lockers and lockers shipment
Starting the integration process
Launching the parcel lockers network
Trial period

Why Omnic is your perfect partner

By cooperating with us, we guarantee the following advantages for your business:

Optimized last-mile delivery
Our company meets the challenges of modern logistics processes, focusing on efficiency-first last-mile delivery processes, continuously improving warehouse management, and ensuring frictionless timely delivery.
Almost no risks
for you
We understand the hurdles involved in adopting new business models. With Omnic, you can quickly implement a totally brand-new last-mile delivery service without unnecessary risks, allowing you to explore market opportunities and expand your business horizons.
Decade-long experience
With a decade of experience in manufacturing and managing intelligent parcel lockers, we provide extensive knowledge and insights about developing automated logistics solutions specifically tailored to the needs of delivery companies and marketplaces.
Full support and guidance
Omnic offers comprehensive support throughout your journey every step of the way. From production to the launch of your own automated package lockers network, our team provides guidance, support, and knowledge sharing to ensure your success.
Special offer conditions
We launch pilot project for 3 months and provide automated package lockers for 3 months of trial period
Omnic covers

· Manufacturing of 32 parcel lockers
· Software customisation, localisation, and integration
· Branding
· Spare parts
· Education of couriers, customer care, service and maintenance team

Client pays only for

· Software setup
· Logistics

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A scaling plan focused on improving of parcel delivery turnover rate

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What are parcel lockers?
Parcel lockers, also known as package lockers or parcel delivery lockers, are a convenient and secure method of receiving and retrieving packages. They are typically found in residential buildings, office complexes, retail stores, or public areas and are designed to streamline the delivery and pickup process for various parcels and packages.
How do parcel lockers work?
Parcel lockers work by enabling delivery personnel to place packages inside individual compartments within a secure locker system. Recipients receive a unique access code or barcode, allowing them to retrieve their packages at their convenience by entering the code or scanning the barcode at the locker's interface, which automatically unlocks the corresponding compartment containing their package.
Where parcel lockers are located?
Parcel lockers are typically located in various places, including residential buildings, apartment complexes, office buildings, university campuses, retail stores, shopping malls, transportation hubs (such as train stations or airports), and public areas. Their locations are strategically chosen to provide easy access for recipients and to streamline the delivery process for carriers and delivery services.
What shipping companies have automated parcel locker systems?
Shipping companies with parcel locker systems include Amazon (Amazon Locker), UPS (UPS Access Point), and FedEx (FedEx Onsite). These companies offer secure locker locations for customers to conveniently pick up and drop off their packages.
How big are automated parcel lockers?
Parcel lockers come in various sizes, depending on the specific model and the intended use. The size of parcel lockers can vary from small lockers suitable for small packages and envelopes to larger lockers capable of accommodating larger parcels and even multiple packages for the same recipient.
How much does Pilot service cost?
It will cost you $17,230 plus $15 of monthly payment per a parcel locker. However, this price is available only for 9 first customers who decided to launch a parcel locker network with our Omnic service.
How long does it take to launch the project?
It will take around 3 months to start a project from scratch, but if you have some specific requirements, this timeline may change.

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