Production facilities

Omnic Factory

At Omnic, we firmly believe that in-house production is a key to ensure the highest level of product quality, while maintaining employee well-being, social responsibilities and environmental-friendly production methods.

End-to-end innovation from idea to launched parcel locker business

We control every stage of equipment production, from initial R&D to manufacturing, final assembly and testing, all performed by our team of experienced specialists.

The production facilities of the company consist of a fleet of highly efficient and modern equipment from leading manufacturers in Europe, Turkey, China, using modern processing technology.

Production facilities

OMNIC has 24,000 m2 of production facilities that are continuously expanding. The annual volume of lockers produced exceeds 15,000 modules and is expected to reach 30,000 by the end of 2024.
OMNIC Factory is located in Italy near Milan and serves OMNIC’s clients across the E.U. The factory focuses exclusively on producing self-service solutions, allowing the company to offer cutting-edge equipment at the best product-ownership and quality-cost ratio.
OMNIC also has production facilities in Turkey and Georgia, benefiting our clients in MENA and Asia. The manufacturing is 100% solar-powered as a part of OMNIC’s global Sustainability plan, which includes Zero-carbon footprint operations.
Located in:
30,000 m2

Total area of production facilities


Production capacity of modules annually


Professionals involved in the production process


Electricity from renewable energy sources

Our certificates

All OMNIC products comply with European quality and safety standards as well as national standards (Georgia and Turkey). The components we use are CE EU and RoHS certified, which guarantees compliance with European safety and environmental standards.

Solar panels
Assembly line
Quality control
Gantry crane
Paint shop

Our production process

We have 5 levels of quality control at each stage of production to ensure the Exceptional quality


Design and Engineering

The production process begins with the design and engineering phase, where the concept and specifications of a parcel locker are developed. Our Hardware R&D team operates in two main areas: developing parcel lockers and self-service solutions, and creating custom products upon client request. The team consists of Product Managers, Design Engineers, Embedded Developers, and Researchers.


Material Procurement

Once the design is finalized, the necessary materials for constructing the parcel locker are procured. This may include metals, plastics, electronic components, and other required hardware.



The manufacturing phase involves fabricating the different components of the parcel locker. This includes cutting and shaping metal or plastic sheets, welding or joining the components, and assembling them to form the locker structure.


Installation of Electronic Components

In this step, electronic components such as sensors, control panels, and locking mechanisms are installed into the locker. Wiring and connections are established to ensure proper functionality.


Testing and Quality Control

After the assembly is complete, thorough testing is conducted to ensure that the locker functions correctly. This includes checking the electronic systems, locking mechanisms, and overall durability of the locker. Any necessary adjustments or improvements are made during this stage.


Branding and Packaging

Once a parcel locker passes the quality control tests, it undergoes finishing processes such as painting, coating, or applying any required branding or labeling. Parcel lockers are then carefully packaged to protect them during transportation and storage.

Empowering sustainability through clean energy

Our production is 100% carbon-free and will generate 0.5 Megawatts of energy when the entire line is operational.


Of electricity consumption is on a renewable energy source

340 t

Carbon dioxide emissions reduction within the first year

O.5 MW

Carbon-free energy production

2,500 m2

Combined area of solar panels

Our approach

Quality means doing it right when no one is looking

Developing innovative self-service solutions

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