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Scientists with a creative mindset

Our hardware R&D team constantly works on researching the market and coming up with innovative product concepts to advance quality and user-centeredness of every product. At the same time, our software R&D team focuses on the improvement of the user experience to engage more consumers into a habit using Omnic products and reduction of operational costs for businesses.

We create self-service solutions for people to save time for the things that really matter

Omnic is an international R&D company that has been creating automation and self-service solutions for logistics, retail, e-commerce, and HoReCa since 2012. We have expertise not only in product ideation and development but also its continuous management and scaling.

We believe in customer experience excellence that grows from scientific and engineering approaches to product development, design, and implementation. We care about every one of our clients and meet their comprehensive solutions, thereby contributing to their revenue growth.

The Omnic team are true “done-dealers” and we know that we’ll get what we aim at. Our team is full of talented individuals, so we draw the energy from our achievements to supercharge us for the next impressive results!

87 000+

hours devoted to the self-service systems development

22 500+

parcel locker modules we’ve installed


professionals work in the product development


patents in Europe and USA

Our history

Explore our 11+ year journey as trailblazers in the field of self-service automation solutions


First parcel locker was launched under Eurobox name


The first client was onboarded - BNP Paribas group


First open parcel lockers were introduced as a part of UC Berkeley


Launched a new business model, Infrastructure-as-a-Service. The ROI was 1.5 years (Rozetka, IKEA, Justin)


Became Officially Amazing. Received the Guinness World Record for the World's Largest Parcel locker


Launched open parcel locker network for 6000 units


Launched B2G company and became an Intel Gold Partner


First EXIT from a market


Active international expansion in Europe and MENA

What we do

We provide end-to-end innovation from idea to launched parcel locker business


R&D center

Omnic R&D Center is a hub of innovation and ingenuity. With a relentless pursuit of excellence, we are at the forefront of developing groundbreaking solutions and cutting-edge software.

Our dedicated team of visionaries and technologists collaborate seamlessly, harnessing the power of creativity and expertise. In this dynamic environment, ideas flourish and transform into tangible realities.

Through rigorous research, experimentation, and iterative design, we redefine what's possible. At the Omnic R&D Center, we embrace the challenges of tomorrow, fueling progress and shaping a future where innovation thrives.

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Our self-service solutions are powered by our cutting-edge software. With over 12 years of experience, we have developed a scalable micro-service architecture that enables us to rapidly adapt and add features based on customer needs.

Our software serves various roles, including location owners, parcel locker owners, logistics companies, e-commerce platforms, and end-users. It provides seamless functionality across apps, websites, and interactive monitors.

Omnic's self-service solutions eliminate the need for operators, couriers, waiters, and cashiers. Our software automates parcel management, transactions, and more, optimising operations for businesses in diverse sectors.

We continually improve our software to meet evolving industry demands and customer expectations. Our user-friendly interfaces and innovative features ensure exceptional functionality and a superior user experience.

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Production facilities

Omnic has a huge intellectual and production potential. The production facilities of the company are located in Georgia covering an area of 2800 m2 and in Latvia covering an area of 5000 m2  with a full production cycle in metal processing and assembling with a production capacity of over 1800 modules per month.

All Omnic products comply with European quality and safety standards as well as national standards.

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Our team

Explore our 11+ year journey as trailblazers in the field of self-service automation solutions

Arthur Grigoriants

Chief Digital Transformation Officer

Launched 19 businesses. 20 years of experience in venture investments.

Ann Snitko

Chief Product Officer

9 years of experience in Product Development. UC Berkeley Researcher and MBA Candidate

Yuliya Lockman

Chief Business Development Officer

8 years of experience in sales and marketing. Launched 6 self-service solutions.

Software Development Team


Hardware Development Team


Business Development Team


Master Franchising Management Team


Operational Team


Manufacturing team


Technical Support Team (project operators)


AI locations consultant


Life at Omnic

Wake up the OmniMonster in you!

*OmniMonster is a professional who is passionate about what he does and is more effective than a similar specialist

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