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Own factory and production
Quality control at every stage

OMNIC is a company that helps businesses transform. We are committed to maintaining the highest level of quality for each customer and we always keep our promises. 


The responsible approach to production has a positive effect on the cost of the product, allows us to quickly respond to customer needs and implement innovations. Since we control all production processes and supplier development strategies, independently manage procurement, development, assembly, quality control and product delivery, our speed and quality of work largely depends on ourselves. Our team makes the technologies of the future a reality, and our own production allows us to create exclusive products that will solve the customer's problem as efficiently as possible. All of this helps us deliver the products that we are really proud of.

We are extremely attentive to ensuring product quality at all stages: from the control of the manufacture of each part and the accuracy of metalworking to the delivery of finished products to the customer. In our processes, the transition to the next quality control stage is only allowed once the team is convinced that the current one has produced exceptional results. A separate specialist inspects each section, and our quality control software records all stages of testing for each module. Thanks to this, we can provide our customers with a full cycle of product development - from idea to delivery and transfer to use.

Our team is maximally involved in the product at all stages of its development: production works closely with IT development and management teams that are always open to feedback. That is why we are ready to make changes if they benefit the result. Before initiating the process of manufacturing a new product, our specialists conduct a test assembly of metal parts and electronics on test modules. In this way, we minimize errors. Furthermore, our team regularly undergoes professional training and certification on the features and properties of each product in the line. 

We are constantly optimizing workflows to avoid irrational actions and ensure the quality and functionality of the product to the greatest extent possible. In particular, we are actively implementing lean manufacturing and the 5S system, which are aimed at streamlining jobs, increasing the efficiency of the production area, increasing productivity, saving time, and improving standards. We also use the Kaizen approach, which, in addition to improving the processes, increases the competencies of each team member by actively involving them in ongoing product improvement.