Top 5 last-mile delivery trends in 2024-2025

Top 5 last-mile delivery trends in 2024-2025

The final step in delivering goods from the warehouse to the customer is known as the "last-mile delivery." Naturally, everyone wants to receive their orders as quickly as possible, and retailers make efforts to optimize this stage. It's much more important than it seems at first glance: if a company fails in last-mile delivery, it can expect its customers to switch to a more successful competitor in this regard.

The final delivery stage is becoming increasingly crucial for retailers, so they must keep an eye on all the innovations and trends in this industry. In this article, we'll discuss five trends that are relevant for 2024 and are likely to remain so in the following year, 2025.

1. Data Collection and Analytics

In 2021, Gartner conducted research showing that by the beginning of 2025, approximately half of the companies involved in delivery-related activities were ready and would invest in data collection and analytics solutions.

What is last-mile analytics:

  • Analytical dashboard: An informative screen displaying all current and past data.
  • Heatmaps: They allow the evaluation of new promising areas for creating delivery centers—for example, identifying a location with many orders but poorly optimized logistics.
  • Digital reporting: This significantly saves time. You don't need to create schedules and analytics manually; many solutions generate this automatically in digital format.

What does the future hold for this industry? It's significant: companies today have recognized the benefits of data collection and analysis—it helps improve service, gain customer loyalty, and open new delivery centers. In summary, this trend provides three key benefits to businesses—cost reduction, inventory optimization, and improved final delivery.

2. Online Tracking

According to 2023 research by Bettermile, about 65% of buyers want to track their parcels online and expect this to become available for all shipments. Companies already implementing online tracking have reduced logistics costs by approximately 20%.

Why is this feature in such demand? It's quite simple: buyers, in most cases, want to know the exact delivery times, and online tracking allows them to satisfy their requests. The technology is not super new; GPS is typically used for tracking, so its implementation rarely causes problems—but oh, the benefits it brings!

Tracking benefits both parties: the sender can monitor the parcel promptly and detect and address issues, while the recipient can see how their order is progressing and where it is at any given moment. The latter is even more critical: a satisfied customer equals loyalty to your company.

3. Sustainability

This refers to delivery methods that don't deplete natural resources. Environmental friendliness has been a trend in recent years, and 89% of respondents surveyed by Sifted want to see delivery that is environmentally safe. 69% stated that they chose a particular company precisely because of this aspect.

What does "environmentally friendly delivery" mean:

  • Using recyclable packaging (e.g., cardboard).
  • Using electric transport and drones for delivery.

"Green" delivery is a rapidly growing brand. By integrating it into their logistics, companies can expect audience loyalty and an improvement in their image.

4. Automation of Last-Mile Delivery

In 2023, the autonomous delivery market was valued at $0.9 billion. According to Markets and Markets forecasts, this figure is expected to reach $4.2 billion by 2030. Here's why automation is a rapidly growing brand:

  • Improved Logistics Management: Through software and analytics, the servicing staff can access data from past deliveries. This allows for tracking trends, addressing issues, and improving service.
  • Optimized Delivery Routes: The software calculates the fastest and most convenient delivery route by analyzing road congestion and considering other factors like package dimensions, delivery location, and more.
  • Integration with Other Services and Businesses: Automation allows businesses to connect to complex delivery networks (e.g., parcel lockers), create networks, and offer them for partner use. This expands their presence where it was minimal or absent.

The benefits for businesses are evident: reduced personnel, scalability, and flexible customization of automated systems to fit personal needs.

5. Various Delivery Options

Retail Week's survey data shows that 70% of customers want different options for receiving their orders. Companies should take this into account. Retailers already use a personalized approach to last-mile delivery, gaining loyalty from even the most demanding customers and reducing risks associated with depending on a single delivery option. Therefore, companies often use on-demand delivery (same-day) and scheduled delivery (several days at a specified time).

Ready-made Solutions for Last-Mile Delivery Automation

Last-mile delivery trends dictate business conditions, such as data collection on deliveries, real-time online tracking, environmental friendliness, process automation, and various delivery options. This enhances customer loyalty, improves the company's image, optimizes logistics, and expands the customer base.

Speaking of trends for 2024 and 2025, it's worth mentioning the use of parcel locker systems, which have become indispensable in logistics, retail, and e-commerce. They combine all the trends:

  • Parcel locker software collects and analyzes data to improve service.
  • Self-service box usage implies online tracking of parcels.
  • Reduced use of transportation for door-to-door delivery.
  • Automated receipt issuance without human intervention.
  • Convenient pickup times through 24/7 accessible autonomous lockers.

You can order ready-made parcel locker solutions from scratch (software, boxes, deployment) by contacting our regional representative – you'll find the contacts in the corresponding section of the website. We offer the most advanced developments – OMNI Post Ultra Solar, OMNI Post Ultra Outdoor, OMNI Post Max, and more. If you need custom solutions with specific features, contact our managers!

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