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Let your customers try the best of self-service experience 24/7 any time they want any place they wish.

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Logistics Companies



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Utilize every square meter efficiently to satisfy customers' needs

OmniPost Ultra consists of the managing module and you can add up to 19 additional modules to it anytime. Make the most of the space with our modular construction of the locker.

This solution is perfect for establishing customer-friendly self-service zones at any indoor location: shopping malls, business centers, and convenience stores.




useful cells

0,67 m2

required area


customization options

Boundless opportunities for the last-mile delivery



Modular configuration

The optimum configuration for the parcel locker is two modules, which consist of 35 cells and require 0.65m2. You can add up to 19 modules to one terminal module.




The cell layout can be changed to meet the client's business requirements.



Additional extensions

Additional equipment can be added, such as a POS terminal, solar panels, monitor, advertising screen, scanner, face camera, video surveillance camera, and printer.



Extended functionality

The locker can have pre-installed software that provides parcel pickup, C2C, returns, and vending services, similar to those of a post office.




The user interface (UI) is white-labeled, allowing the Omnic team to customize it according to the client's brand book. Localization to multiple languages is also possible.



Deep analytics

After launching the parcel locker, you will have access to a dashboard that provides real-time data on the network's effectiveness.



Open chain

We can make the parcel locker network function agnostically, which improves efficiency and utilization.



Vendor unlocking, service and maintenance

The Omnic team can handle service and maintenance tasks, or certify the client's service team to perform maintenance.



Location management

Access Omnic's location guidelines and AI tool to choose the perfect location for the parcel locker.



Hotline center

The customer happiness team can support end-users of the locker 24/7 in multiple languages and answer all technical questions.

Experience the power of unlimited customizations with OmniPost Ultra

Designed with versatility in mind, our lockers offer a vast array of available customizations to fit any of your business needs. With customizable cells, you can configure the locker to suit different types of items, from small envelopes to oversized deliveries, ensuring no parcel is left behind.

Our OmniPost Ultra model is not just a metal box, but an opportunity to showcase your brand to a wide audience in high-traffic areas across the city. Our marketing team can design and implement an outstanding branding strategy for your lockers, ensuring maximum visibility and impact.

Additional extensions

Equipment for off-grid operation

By adding equipment for off-grid operation, companies can extend the reach of parcel lockers to remote locations, reduce costs, enhance reliability, and align with sustainable practices.


Monitor provides a user-friendly interface that allows customers to interact with the locker system easily. It is perfect for emerging parcel locker markets.

ADs screen

Use parcel lockers as a platform to showcase advertisements or cross-promotional content. They can effectively reach a targeted audience and promote their products or services.

Face camera

Face cameras help enhance security by capturing the image of individuals accessing the parcel locker, as well as get insights into customer behaviour, usage patterns, and demographics.

Industrial PC

These PCs can handle complex software applications, data processing, and communication protocols, enabling additional services such as barcode scanning, payment processing, or integration with external systems.

LED logo

The LED logo on a parcel locker helps increase brand visibility and recognition. It becomes easier for customers to identify and locate the locker.

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