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OMNI Super Charger

Fast, Reliable, and Efficient Charging Station for Electric Vehicles

OMNI Super Charger delivers AC/DC charging for EVs, with power outputs from 40 kW to 240 kW. It's compatible with various EVs, ideal for various settings, from commercial fleets to public charging stations.

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Fast, Reliable, and Efficient Charger For Electric Vehicles

The OMNI Super Charger is an advanced DC charger designed for electric vehicles, offering a wide range of power outputs from 40 kW to 240 kW. It supports multiple connector types, ensuring compatibility with a broad spectrum of electric vehicles. This versatility, combined with its high power capacity, makes the OMNI Super Charger an ideal solution for fast, efficient EV charging in various settings, from commercial fleets to public charging stations.

Core Strengths

Managing module

Automatically adjusts charging rates for optimal performance.

Lightning-fast Charging

OMNI Super Charger is capable of powering EV’s battery to 80% in less than 20 minutes.

Built to Last

Engineered to withstand environmental challenges, ensuring long-term reliability.

Key Specification

Power Output:

Various versions available
from 40Kw to 240Kw

Simultaneous Charging Capability:

Up to 4 electric vehicles

Charging Speed:

Up to 80% in an average of 30 minutes

Unique Cable Suspension System:

Prevents mechanical damage and contamination of cables

DC Converters:

up to 6 DC converters, each 40 kW

Charging Capability:

Both AC (Alternating Current) and DC (Direct Current)

Output Current:

Alternating Current (AC), 
Direct Current (DC)

Connectors for Fast Charging:

CCS Combo 2, GB/T DC, CHAdeMO

Connectors for Slow Charging:

Type 2, GB/T AC

Remote Control:

Monitoring, diagnostics, software updates

Dynamic Power Distribution:

For simultaneous charging of multiple electric vehicles

OCPP 1.6 Protocol Support:

Ensures compatibility with current management protocols

Versatile Connector Options

OMNI Super Charger is equipped with a wide array of connector types, catering to both fast and standard charging needs. Our advanced charging station ensures universal compatibility for diverse fleets and public charging needs.





Type 2

Strategic Charging Locations for Every Stop

The OMNI Super Charger is designed for installation in high-traffic areas where people spend less than an hour, ensuring EVs are powered quickly and efficiently.

Ideal locations are highways, inter-regional and inter-municipal routes, urban centers, and places of convenience and leisure such as business centers, restaurants, fitness centers, cinemas, shopping malls and gas stations.

OMNI Super Charger is not just a charging station—it's an investment in customer satisfaction and business growth. It comes ready for monetization system integration and offers branding opportunities to make it a key point of attraction. Designed to withstand all climatic conditions, it ensures your EV charging needs are met with reliability and efficiency, wherever you are.

Tailored services 
for your business

OMNIC Care Program offers a range of customizable services to ensure the optimal installation, operation, and maintenance of OMNI Super Charger

Commissioning by certified agents to increase reliability and safety

Corrective and preventive maintenance to identify and repair faults in equipment

Warranty extension to provide additional coverage for unexpected repair costs

Remote support from our Customer Care Center

Spare parts to extend the charger's lifespan

Training and support materials for sales and partners networks

OMNI Super Charger

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OMNI Super Charger

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Can OMNI Super Chargers be used in any climate?

Yes, OMNI Super Chargers are engineered to withstand all climatic conditions, ensuring reliable performance and durability no matter the weather or temperature.

What makes OMNI Super Chargers ideal for business centers and commercial spaces?

Beyond their fast and efficient charging capabilities, OMNI Super Chargers offer customizable branding opportunities, making them not only a vital service for EV owners but also a point of attraction that can enhance the visibility and appeal of any location.

Is it safe to use OMNI Super Chargers during adverse weather conditions?

Yes, OMNI Super Chargers include built-in safety mechanisms to protect against overcurrent, overheating, and electrical surges, ensuring a safe charging experience even in adverse weather conditions.

How does the OMNI Super Charger support environmental sustainability?

By providing a reliable and efficient charging infrastructure, OMNI Super Chargers encourage the adoption of electric vehicles, contributing to reduced emissions and a healthier environment. Also, it's produced on OMNIC Factory, which 100% power consumption is covered by renewable energy sources.

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