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New Type of Vending

OmniStore is your automated store that works 24/7 on any location. Let your customers enjoy the best self-service experience and make buying joyful. Gadgets, clothes, cosmetics, or books can be displayed at OmniStore. The product inside looks attractive due to the backlight and the client buys the product in a couple of simple steps. So nothing stops the client from making a purchase.

What companies would benefit from a OmniStore solution?
Shopping malls
  • Automatisation of small shops
  • Contactless option to sell goods
  • Cut down investments on rent and staff
  • Get profit without investments on opening new stores
  • Cut down investments on rent and staff
  • Get wider market coverage
How it works?
Продавай просто
Sell Goods with Ease
  • Reduce expenses on staff
  • Get sales statistics and analytics
  • Opportunity for the online projects to go offline
Use Space Effectively
Technology proved by Guinness World Record Commission

 Innovation is Easy! But hours of hard work of the dedicated team stand behind it to make the user experience smart and enjoyable. It can become OmniStore can become your first human-less store. 

Over 2500 children and Guinness World Record Commission proved it in 2019. The kids received collecting codes right before Christmas and collected presents from automated cells.