How Businesses Can Boost Brand Awareness and Revenue with Smart Parcel Lockers

Brand Awareness with Smart Parcel Lockers

Parcel Lockers, also known as Smart Parcel Lockers, is a relatively new technology that significantly simplifies last-mile as well as first-mile delivery for e-commerce, courier companies, and food delivery for restaurants and cafes. In this article, we will discuss how you can take your business to the next level with automated lockers, increasing revenue and brand awareness.

How to Increase Revenue with Parcel Lockers

One widely used online shopping method in e-commerce is BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick Up In Store). The customer makes a purchase online and then collects it at the store or designated pick-up point. However, this model has its drawbacks, such as queues at pick-up counters and relatively long waiting times to receive orders. 

These issues can be addressed with parcel lockers – self-service lockers that allow for queue-free and speedy parcel collection. Implementing parcel lockers into BOPIS transforms the model into BOPIL (Buy Online, Pick Up In Locker). Retailers benefit from this in numerous ways. 

  1. Saving on personnel costs. Since self-service lockers are automated, your customers can collect purchases themselves without employees’ assistance.
  2. Sales growth. Your customers will likely appreciate the option to get their deliveries with parcel lockers because it is convenient, hassle-free, and cheaper than a courier service. Therefore, the likelihood of them making their next purchase from you rather than a competitor increases.
  3. Cost-effective reverse logistics. Customers wishing to return items for any reason can request a return with the parcel locker. It is quite easy, while all they need is a unique barcode for authorization to open the locker. When the returned item is placed in the locker by the customer, and the door is closed, store staff receive a notification. The item can then be returned to inventory for resale, and the purchase amount can be automatically refunded to the customer's account. This method is much more advantageous and cost-effective than using offline staffed locations or couriers for returns. For many companies, reverse logistics is synonymous with chaos because returned items come from various places, in varying conditions, from ideal to unsuitable for resale, and in multiple forms of packaging.

How Parcel Lockers Impact Brand Awareness

Modern ready-made solutions for parcel lockers are tailored to customer preferences. Naturally, you'll want your smart boxes to be branded – with your logo, name, colors, and more. This visual representation directly impacts brand awareness. Imagine how you can increase it if your boxes are placed in busy locations – at metro stations, major shopping centers, residential complexes, and more. Moreover, you can install self-service lockers in remote locations that you couldn't reach before, thus expanding your geographical reach and making a statement about your brand.


Speaking of modern parcel lockers, let's mention the built-in screens. You can display your advertisements on them, announce new products, and generally provide relevant information – this is also a way to communicate with your customers. Moreover, such an advertisement attracts people’s attention; therefore, we recommend not neglecting this method of increasing your brand's recognition, especially since it's now easy to order parcel lockers associated with your company.

In conclusion, branding parcel lockers is your outdoor advertising that attracts new customers and grows your customer base. This type of advertising is quite cost-effective – and its effectiveness is evident!

Smart Lockers’ Benefits on the Example of LEGO Case Study

LEGO needs no introduction. Its brand recognition is approximately 90%. But in 2022, according to, marketers of the legendary toy manufacturer decided to increase it and attract new customers to show that the company's products are accessible to everyone. To achieve this, a separate advertising campaign was launched. 

The decision was made to use Amazon parcel lockers, specifically visual advertising on the surface of the lockers themselves – that is, branding them with LEGO.

LEGO Case Study

The LEGO advertisements on the lockers caught the attention of passersby and, of course, those who came to collect their parcels. In addition to colorful images, there was also a QR code that directed viewers to the advertiser's desired destination. Now imagine how many people saw LEGO's creativity, considering that Amazon parcel lockers are located in busy places throughout the USA!

Results: In less than a month of this campaign (December 1-29, 2022), brand recognition increased by 3%, and brand attention increased by 15%.

Where to Order Ready-Made Parcel Locker Solutions for Your Business?

A ready-made solution is parcel lockers "turnkey," including:

  • The lockers themselves
  • Software
  • Testing and deployment

Ideally, all these tasks should be handled by one contractor, allowing to get smooth and seamless operations under the shortest deadlines and with the best quality-cost ratio. For example, OMNIC offers comprehensive solutions for your business – namely, turnkey parcel lockers customized for you. 

Our automated lockers can be found in many European countries and are used by both large companies and smaller retailers. But one thing remains constant – the high quality of our products and the completion of all work within agreed-upon deadlines.


In conclusion, the implementation of smart self-service lockers is advisable for several reasons:

  • Optimization of first-mile and last-mile delivery;
  • Versatility – suitable for different business sectors;
  • No need to maintain additional staff;
  • Increased brand recognition;
  • Loyalty of the target audience.

Nowadays, parcel lockers are used by everyone: marketplaces, online stores, postal services, pharmacies, restaurants, hotels, cafes, DIY stores, and many others. And if you're not using them in your business yet, your competitors probably are already.

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