armadietti per pacchi

Esplora Armadietti Automatici per pacchi

Scopri la comodità degli armadietti per pacchi Omnic per interni ed esterni. Sperimenta una gestione semplificata dei pacchi e una vera agilità aziendale, migliorando al contempo l'efficienza delle consegne all'ultimo miglio. Esplora la nostra gamma di armadietti per pacchi per trovare la soluzione perfetta per le tue esigenze aziendali.

Offering highly technological products to enhance store areas, we help to increase business competitiveness and efficiency, influencing the future of retail in partnership with our customers.

Shelving Systems


OMNI Post Ultra per esterni

Questo armadietto per pacchi può essere installato all'aperto in quanto è resistente alla polvere e all'acqua secondo lo standard IP54. Può essere aggiornato con pannelli solari per prestazioni autonome e sostenibili.

We offer shelves of all configurations and shapes with an endless palette of colors in order to make your retail space efficient and looking sharp.

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Additional Rack Shelf

A shelf with a flat surface attached to a wall or supported by brackets, used for storing or displaying items. It's versatile, coming in various materials and sizes, making it a practical storage solution for homes, offices, and retail spaces.

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One-side Shelf

A one-sided shelf is a storage unit typically attached to a wall or standing independently with shelves accessible from only one side. It's commonly used in homes, offices, or retail environments to organize and display items in a space-efficient manner against a wall or partition.

One-sided shelves come in various designs and sizes to accommodate different storage needs and interior aesthetics.

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Double-side Shelf

A double-sided shelf is a storage unit designed with shelves accessible from both sides. It's ideal for maximizing storage in open spaces or for creating partitions while maintaining accessibility from multiple directions.

This type of shelf is commonly used in retail environments, libraries, or open-plan offices to efficiently display or store items while allowing for easy access from different angles.

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Bakery Area

Your fresh bread and aromatic pastries, presented in a cozy and ergonomic format with our wooden shelves on a strong metal frame, will create an atmosphere of peace and comfort to make your customers feel like home at your premises.

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Fruits & Vegetables Area

Colorful and fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbals resting in wooden slats with a vibe of a provance market will become a real decoration of your store with easy to use and attractive to buyers OMNIC Steel Shelves.

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Mobile Vegetable Stand

Maximum utilitarianism and mobility is achieved thanks to OMNIC Mobile Vegetable Stand for outdoor and indoor locating which is the epitome of style and functionality.

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Alcohol Area

Glossy bottles displayed on stylish shelves can turn the liquor department into an art gallery. Thanks to the system of shelves from OMNIK, the maximum presentability of the product is achieved, taking into account safety requirements.

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Accessories for Shelvings

Elevate the functionality and versatility of your retail environment with our accessories for shelving systems. Designed to seamlessly integrate with our standard shelving systems and custom shop-fitting solutions, this comprehensive range of accessories includes various types of hooks, detachable shelves, and other modular components.

Each accessory is engineered to enhance product visibility, maximize space utilization, and offer flexible merchandising options to meet the dynamic needs of retailers.

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Coffee point

Offer your customers a self-service experience in a high-quality coffee space rich with available options that even the most exacting barista will appreciate. This versatile solution helps to attract traffic and boost sales.

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Pharmacy space

A comprehensive collection of shelves and constructions serves as a valuable resource for designing contemporary and comfortable pharmacy environments tailored to different types and specialties.

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Checkout area equipment


OMNI Self Checkout

OMNI Self Checkout is a self-service solution for retail stores with ergonomic construction. It can be upgraded with a table for customers. Our solution provides customers with convenient and efficient shopping, that will save your store space and reduce labor cost up to 40%.

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Checkout area

Turn your checkout area into a selling point. Explore effective solutions from OMNIC allowing to make queques less stressful and more like a pleasure for your customers.

Maximize your offer and make it more attractive, gaining the best results in sales for your retail space.

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Checkout area solutions

Elevate your checkout experience with our strategically positioned shelves near the cash register. Crafted for seamless functionality, these shelves offer quick access to essential items like bags and receipt paper, ensuring smooth transactions for both staff and customers.

Their sleek design not only adds to the aesthetics of your checkout area but also helps maintain an organized and efficient workspace. Transform your checkout process into a hassle-free experience with our premium cash register shelves.

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Checkout equipment

OMNIC Checkout Equipment enables cashiers to implement the 5S philosophy in their workplace in order to achieve the best results in terms of speed and quality of service due to the convenient and well-thought-out organization of the workplace.

Your employees, your customers, and your business all benefit from this collection of solutions.

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Refrigeration Equipment


External Refrigerators

Keep perishable products in the ideal temperature regime with a wide range of cooling equipment from OMNIС for retail. 10-years depreciation period along with the highest quality and maintenance support are among our competitive features.

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Built-in Refrigerators

This large capacity multideck provides an excellent presentation for any product put on display. Thanks to a variety of options for cabinet configurations and accessories, Jupiter is an ideal solution for each store type and product range.

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Ice Cream Cabinets

Keep your frozen treats perfectly chilled and displayed with our premium cabinets. Designed for optimal temperature control and visibility, our cabinets ensure your ice cream stays deliciously fresh. Upgrade your frozen dessert experience today!

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How can I obtain a calculated price for the trade equipment I'm interested in?

To provide you with an accurate calculated price for our trade equipment, including shelving systems, checkout solutions, and refrigeration units, we require a detailed plan of your sales area. This enables us to tailor our solutions to your specific needs, ensuring optimal space utilization and efficiency. Please submit your sales area plan through our website or directly to our sales team, and we will work closely with you to offer a personalized quotation that aligns with your retail environment's requirements and goals.

What range of trade equipment do you provide for retailers?

We offer a comprehensive selection of trade equipment tailored for retailers, including versatile shelving systems, advanced equipment for checkout areas (featuring smart self-checkout kiosks), and high-efficiency refrigeration equipment designed to meet the diverse needs of retail environments.

Can the shelving and checkout solutions be customized to fit the specific layout and branding of my store?

Yes, customization is at the core of our offerings. Both our shelving solutions and checkout area equipment, including smart self-checkout kiosks, can be tailored to align with your store’s layout, aesthetic, and branding requirements, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

Are installation services available for your trade equipment?

Absolutely. We provide full installation services for our entire range of trade equipment. Our expert team will handle the setup and configuration, ensuring your equipment is up and running smoothly, with minimal disruption to your business operations.

What is the warranty period for your trade equipment?

Our trade equipment is backed by a warranty whose duration varies by product. We encourage you to contact our customer service team for detailed warranty information specific to the equipment you are interested in.

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