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Omnic Presents Innovative Solution at Kiev Smart City Forum 2018!

Kyiv Smart City Forum is focused on smart city technologies and their implementation  in cities.
Omnic decided to join Kiev Smart City Forum to promote innovative solutions intended to transform the city. 
On the 31st of October over 1200 people visited Kiev Smart City Forum. Among the visitors were representatives of local authorities, embassies,
international organizations, vendors, experts, activists, and simply the ones who want to transform the city via innovation and technologies.
During the conference, which was included into the exhibition program, top experts discussed the value of smart city development and benefits
that it provides to its residents. Having the same idea in mind, Omnic developed all-in-one self-service point, Brandshub, to make the life of the
residents easier and for the businesses to provide real last mile experience for their end-customers.  
Brandshub is based on the click and collect principle and combines parcel locker and vending machine functions equipped with cooling and warming
module for food delivery from grocery stores and restaurants, module for laundry and post service.