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EuroShop exhibition in Dusseldorf

The Retail Innovations Awards 2017 were awarded at the RetailShow exhibition in Poland. Omnic was awarded the Innovation in Retail Award for the Fresh-Box innovation.
The team has been working on this product since 2014. Therefore, the award is especially valuable, as it is recognized by both experts and consumers.
Fresh-Box is an automated parcel locker with cells that support freezing and cooling regimes. It is intended for the delivery of food, ready meals, cosmetics, medicines - products that require special storage conditions.

n March 2017, Omnic took part in the large-scale EuroShop exhibition in Dusseldorf, which is dedicated to equipment, infrastructure and technologies for advertising, marketing and retail. The exhibition has been held for more than 50 years and gathers the best experts in the field of trade. Therefore, each exhibitor brings a new generation of products that will set the pace of development for modern retail. OMNIC presented the latest developments in Germany: a smart refrigerator with RFID technology, an automated post office for issuing and receiving parcels, a module with cells that support cooling and freezing. The company's stand impressed guests with a combination of innovative technologies and hospitality. Visitors were invited to pick up snacks directly from the post offices and discuss automation trends and product benefits in the lounge area. Major European publications, ESM, IXTENSO, LSA, Lebensmittel Zeitung, also joined in innovation by testing OMNIC products among the first.