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The Parcel Locker of the Size of Eiffel Tower – OMNIC set Guinness World Record for launching the biggest parcel locker with 1182 cells

OMNIC, an international company, launched the biggest parcel locker station in Kiev, Ukraine between December 22 and January 14. The station has 1182 lockers and was created with the goal of introducing children to new technologies and automating the process of receiving New Year gifts.

During this time, Omnic gave presents to over 1,400 children. Additionally, over 1,000 visitors used the technology to purchase gifts. According to Ann Snitko, OMNIC's Head of Product Development.

The project was a big success. Parents brought gifts and asked us to store presents for their children in lockers to bring a holiday to their kids.

On January 11th, the Guinness Committee recognized OMNIC's parcel locker station as the largest in the world and awarded them the world record for "The most electronic locking parcel lockers (single venue) is 1182."

To verify this record, the Guinness Committee required OMNIC to meet a number of requirements, including measuring the record by the total number of lockers and locker units installed at the same venue. The record had to be counted by two independent witnesses who were suitably qualified professionals with counting expertise, such as auditors.

Representatives from Baker Tilly and PSP Audit counted the lockers to prove their quantity. Additionally, the Guinness Committee required access to constant video monitoring to ensure that the parcel lockers functioned smoothly.

The platform is based on blockchain technology and was developed with the support of Berkeley University at the Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology. Its purpose is to provide last-mile technology in retail, logistics, and e-commerce, with a focus on robotization.

Engagement of Parents and Children

To participate, parents had to first register on our website. Once registered, they received a unique code via text message. Upon arrival, parents and their children came to the management unit and enter their code. The final step is to find the corresponding number of cell and receive the gift associated with it.

The Time of Magic

1400 children received presents from the largest parcel locker in the world. We received many pleasant words from our guests.

For example, one woman posted a story about how her daughter, Stefania, started believing in Santa again. After a New Year party at kindergarten, Stefania told her mother that she was sure Santa was not real. The girl had seen Santa many times, and every time he looked different.

While scrolling through Facebook, Kristina saw a post about an automated New Year's parcel locker station and decided to give it a chance. Kristina and Stefania came to collect their New Year's present, and Stefania was amazed to see the Peter Pan book she had been dreaming about. She told her mom that only the real Santa could have known her wish, and out of all the presents in the lockers, she was the one to get the Peter Pan book. Another family was so impressed with our project that they brought their own gifts and asked us to create magic for their children. Of course, we did it.

Omnic made a great impact in the industry by proving that their innovations are user-friendly and accessible to people of all ages. In addition to receiving a Guinness World Record, Omnic's success has been attributed to their commitment to designing products that are simple to use and understand. With their cutting-edge technology and intuitive interfaces, Omnic has become a leader in the market, inspiring other companies to follow in their footsteps and prioritize user experience. By making their products accessible to everyone, Omnic has opened up new possibilities for individuals and businesses alike, empowering them to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

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